Rain And Snow Moving Out Today As Another Storm Departs

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Today will feature morning rain and snow followed by snow continuing in the mountains while the coast remains mainly dry. Steady coastal precip is departing now and the remainder of coastal precip will be in shower form with isolated drops/flakes through the afternoon. The mountains however are a different story. Rain has already mainly changed to snow up at the higher elevations and everyone up there changes over this morning but instead of mid level dry air eating away at the precip, it will continue to snow up north through the afternoon before precip heads east.

HRRR Model Simulated Radar Animation. Credit: Weatherbell

Here is the HRRR model showing rain and snow gradually moving out through the day today before coming to a stop this evening.

Temps today will be dropping as colder air moves in  and as a result, the warmest temps of the day are likely being felt right now before a slow drop through the 40’s and into the 30’s by this evening.

No major weather systems are in sight though our next chance for precip looks to be early this coming week.


A Messy Saturday As We Once Again Track The Rain/Snow Line

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Quick update this evening to bring you up to date on the latest info regarding our next storm system arriving tonight and hanging out through tomorrow afternoon. For the most part it will be a fast-mover with precip ending in the early afternoon but while it’s here, the mountains could pick up some decent snowfall for this time of year.

Click around on the map to view precip types and approximate changeover times for your local area.

Rain moves into the region in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow and will start as all rain but will quickly change to snow in the higher elevations before dawn. Snow levels will drop as the low intensifies in the Gulf Of Maine and pulls in cold air on the NW side. Expect everyone to see flakes in NH and ME by early afternoon with western MA likely seeing a few flurries as well. It will be a race against time as the cold air rushes SE to try to get to the coast before the precip departs and just who wins is still a bit up in the air.

In every storm there is bust potential and while forecast confidence is pretty high, the exact extent of the rain/snow line as the precip leaves is still an unknown. As of now, it looks like the Maine coast with the exception of a few of the peninsulas will see at least a few flakes with most of coastal MA and all of RI missing out on the white but don’t be surprised if the snow comes in a little earlier than expected and totals are a little higher. Models have tended to place lows to the NW of their actual positions so if this low ends up a little farther SE and a little colder, I wouldn’t be too surprised. With this in mind, while coastal areas don’t look to see any accumulations, a quick coating is possible should a colder solution occur.

A rumble of thunder is also likely across MA RI and CT and some small hail is possible in some of the stronger cells.

Winds will kick up tomorrow as the storm moves out and gusts over 35 mph are widespread so watch for some isolated power outages especially in areas where snow has accumulated on branches and power lines.

I’ll have another update in the morning as the rain/snow line sets up.


Toasty Day Today Before Some More Flakes Tomorrow

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There is some real irony in today’s forecast because the last time the area was as warm as today is forecast to be was just before Thanksgiving and the next day, a large snowstorm hit. Today will be toasty warm and spring-like but tomorrow, we track the rain/snow line once again.

Let’s focus on today first. Highs will be very warm and springy, above average as a matter of fact, and will rise into the 60’s for most with 70’s possible in interior southern New England. Another very spring-like phenomenon will occur today as well which is the sea breeze. This means the immediate coast will be confined to upper 50’s/low 60’s while 20 or 30 miles inland temps will be in the mid to upper 60’s.

I’ve decided to try a demo of a new map system today so zoom into your location and click for a localized forecast for today’s high temps. If all goes well today, I may add other variables like clouds or precip chances as time goes on but for now it’s in demo mode. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

As for precip, today it should stay in MA and points south as the first wave along a stalled front moves almost due east today. Clouds will mainly hold off north of Portland for most of today leading to very pleasant conditions in the north. MA and points south should expect rain showers to be heavy at times with an isolated rumble here and there.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, expect rain starting in the morning across the north with precip at the onset all rain, everywhere. However by mid-morning, the mountains will be changing to snow from top to bottom and by mid afternoon, the rain snow line should be crashing SE through the foothills. The coast is unlikely to see flakes as it looks like we’ll run out of precip before the cold air arrives. Several inches of accumulation are expected in the mountains where a winter weather advisory has been issued. ‘

The pattern looks to stay relatively warm but unsettled for most of the next week.


Warming Up Today As More Clouds Move In

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Today will be a much warmer one for most of us as a warm front has moved through and is now sitting over northern areas. For the mountains, especially the northern mountains, this warm front will cause a cloudy day and some light precipitation of all types (snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain) however any accumulation will be very minimal. Temps for the mountains will be in the 30’s today with a few of the southern mountains seeing lows in the 40’s.

For the rest of us, a partly to mostly cloudy day is in store but with breaks of sun and much warmer temps. Widespread 50’s are expected with inland southern New England and prehaps southern NH seeing highs in the low 60’s. Due to southerly winds off the ocean, the immediate coast may see temps stuck in the high 40’s, a problem mainly reserved for the Midcoast but that other coastal areas will likely be stuck with as well.

More precip arrives tomorrow into Saturday in various forms. Details on that tomorrow.


Another Cold And Breezy One – No Really

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Today will feature cold and windy conditions once again as low pressure develops to our south and high pressure noses in from the NW. Temps will also be chilly starting out in the 10’s and 20’s this morning before rising into the 30’s north and 40’s south. Mostly clear skies are anticipated with the exception of the mountains who could see a few clouds.

Warmer weather looks to return late this week with Friday still looking like a prime candidate for 60 degrees especially southern inland areas south of a frontal boundary but not sitting next to the still very cold ocean.

Enjoy your April Fools Day everyone!


More Chilly Weather Today

Hello everyone!

Not much spring-like weather in the forecast today or for most of this week as the cold pattern continues. Today in particular will be cold despite temps starting in the 30’s. NW winds will, as they have done countless times this winter, be bringing in colder air and, like so many times before, the mountains get an inch or two of upslope snow while the coast clears out and warms up. Highs will range from freezing up in the mountains to 40’s at the coast.

The warmup for Friday is still on the schedule but 60 looks a little optimistic for this time around. Depending on storm track/strength, we may be tracking a rain/snow line once again this weekend, more details on that in later posts.


More Snow Showers/Flurries This Morning

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Today will feature some more snow showers/squalls especially this morning as a cold front approaches the area. Accumulations will be limited to a coating tops and even that is only likely in the mountains. The front moves through this afternoon and winds could briefly become gusty especially in the mountains where gusts up to or exceeding 30 mph are likely. In terms of sky cover, more clouds than sun will remain the rule today but some clearing is likely in the afternoon.

No significant precipitation events are in sight though Fridayhas my eye on it for some pretty warm temps with highs possibly reaching 60!


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