Widespread Snow Today!

Hello everyone!

Today will feature, for the first time this season, widespread accumulating snow! It is not forecast to be a large storm by any means and most folks will end up with less than 3″ but roads will be slick nonetheless and everything will get a beautifully festive coat of white. Snow is already falling across southern NH and will arrive in ME by 8-10 AM. Snow will be light to ¬†moderate at times throughout the day before tapering off this evening around 3 PM in the west and around 7 PM across the midcoast where the last few bits of precip could fall as raindrops. Other than a few drops along the coast, this is expected to be a mainly snow event.

Swiss Super HD Model Showing Light Snow Arriving Ar Around 9 AM In Portland
Swiss Super HD Model Showing Light Snow Arriving Ar Around 9 AM In Portland

Here is a super high-resolution model run by a Swiss weather company showing the snow arriving this morning. Notice that the snow is light to moderate in nature and that even the coast is mainly snow.

I’m very excited to announce that beginning this spring I’ll be writing about national weather for the Swiss company’s new US website! I’ll also be helping to improve the model which you should definitely check out on their existing site. It looks like when I begin writing for the new site, my blog here will have to undergo a little bit of rebranding but I still plan on doing a local Maine/NH forecast for those interested. I’ll have more info on where to find that when it becomes necessary.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way!


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