7 day forecast

Here is a 7 day forecast:

New England:
Today: Mild. Clear skies with only a few scattered clouds. High 45.
Tomorrow: Mild. Am clouds Pm sun. High 40
Tuesday: Much colder with highs around 20. Colder in the North and the Mountains. Sunny area wide.
Wednesday: Even colder. Highs in the teens at the coast and around 10 inland. Sunny across the region.
Thursday: Sunny. Temps rebounding into the mid 20s. Sunny.
Friday: Warmer. Highs around freezing. Mostly cloudy.
Saturday Same temps as Friday. Mostly cloudy as well.

Mid Atlantic:
Today: Mild. Around 70 for a high northward to DC-Baltimore. 50s elsewhere except for a few upper 40s in the far NW. Clear
Tomorrow: Upper 40s N to DC-Baltimore. upper 30s elsewhere. Cloudy in the West a few breaks in the clouds east. Chance for a light snow shower in the far NW.
Colder. Highs in the mid 30s N to DC-Baltimore. 20s elsewhere. Snow showers for the North with snow showers wrapping south at the coast south to Delaware.
30s N to southern New Jersey upper 20s elsewhere. Partly cloudy.
Thursday: Upper 40s for VA beach and Delaware. 30s and lower 40s elsewhere. Partly cloudy in the North. Clear in the south.
Lower 50s N to DC-Baltimore. lower 40s for New Jersey and upper 30s elsewhere. Clear.
60s for Virginia. upper 40s and lower 50s elsewhere. Cloudy in the far North and Partly cloudy elsewhere.

Stay tuned!


Todays weather

New England:
Sunny skies with mild temperatures. Highs will reach into the lower 40s north and around 50 south. Winds will be almost nonexistent  with light and variable conditions.

Mid Atlantic:
Clear with temperatures peaking at close to 70 in the far south with 60s north to about the DC-Baltimore area with 50s elsewhere except for a few upper 40s in the far North and west.

Stay tuned!


Quick update regarding tonights forecast

As I run through the model data, I see I will need to tweak a few things in the “Nowcast” for tonight. A Nowcast is a very short range outlook that is only for a few hours out.

Nowcast for New England

Clearing with a few breaks in the clouds. Winds shifting to the WNW at 10 mph. Temperatures will dip into the low 20s as opposed to around 30.

6 am tomorrow:
Low clouds with winds shifting more to the north.

Nowcast for Midcoast

Clear except for a few scattered low clouds in the North. Winds shifting from W to WNW.

6 am tomorrow:
Clear. Light and Variable winds for most of the area but light W winds in the far North.

Stay tuned and have a happy New Year.

Best wishes for 2012!


Todays outlook

Saturday 8:00 am


 New England or Zone 1

Today will feature a chance of rain showers diminishing as the day goes on. Also Winds will be shifting to the north at about 5 mph.

Temperatures will be peaking in the lower 40s in southern sections and  the upper to mid 30s inland.

NY South to DC East to VA Beach Or Zone 2

Clearing faster than Zone 1 however there is still a slight chance for a passing shower in the North of Zone 2 as a weak cold front moves through.

Southern areas ( Richmond to DC to Chesapeake bay to VA beach) will experience  highs in the lower 60s and Northern regions (anything North of there in zone 2) will see highs in the 50s(upper 50s south and lower 50s north)

Stay tuned!


Tricky forecast for friday

Friday will feature clouding skies with precipitation starting around 3-4pm. But the tricky part is precipitation type. Ice, snow, or rain??

Stay tuned!



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Favorite new year weather

Todays weather 12-29-11

Today will feature a clear sky with cold temperatures. Temperatures will start off in the low teens for the coast and the lower single digits inland. Wind chills will be around 9 at the coast and well below zero inland.

Winds will die down as the day goes on.

Stay tuned!


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