Favorite friend wether

As always some sorts of weather are better for some things rather than others.

Tell us what type of weather you think goes along best with spending time with someone special.

Rain in the long term

Rain is expected on Thursday as of now, but the potential still exists for some snow mixing in.


Stay tuned!

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Favorite inclement weather

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Some snow in the long term; maybe

Some very different weather across the country. Stormy in the West along with temps well below average. In the East, however it is quiet with above average temps. But, looking at the long range models, that could very well change. It appears that next week we could see some stormy weather.

Stay tuned!



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Long range trouble part II

Even though long range forecasts are hard and mostly inaccurate, we still go on making them and tweaking them. This next episode of long range forecasting includes unsettled conditions with periodic cold fronts swinging through however laking in sufficient moisture.

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Stay tuned!


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