Wintery pattern ahead…

After a week of extremely mild temps, old man winter is really hitting us with his cane later this month. Just to clarify This WILL NOT BE THE CHRISTMAS BLIZZARD OF 2010!! But there will likely be some northeast snowstorms and colder temperatures.

glb 1a

This image shows a “Greenland Block” setup for the 16-21 of this month. This is the setup we had in the winter of 2012-2011. This will be a major factor in bringing in the coastal storms as well as the cold air. In the 2010-2011 winter, there was also an ultral-positive PNA which is not present, an ultra strong MJO for most of January, again this year, there could be a time when everything comes together at the right place at the right time and creates a large snowstorm.

I am seeing some model development of a snowstorm in about a week from now. Stay Tuned for the latest!!!


Travel graphic for your return trip

Here is the graphic for your return trip. This is in effect friday morning through saturday afternoon. Red areas are were to expect major slowdows due to weather. Yellow areas show where delays are possible. Green areas are all clear.

Note: local areas in the “green zone” could have minor slowdowns due to local weaather eg. fog; black ice.

Have a safe return trip!

I am watching a potential storm early next week. Stay tuned for any updates.


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