Snow map

Red=8-12 Blue shades go from highest being dark blue to lighest being a blue/gray. 4-8″, 3-6″, 2-4″, 1-3″, C-2″. Putting more weight on euro due to preformance but will update map tomorrow.

Tried to come up with a snow map after seeing such a discrepancy between the euro and the GFS regarding track which will be crucial in determining amounts.

Complex system to impact the Mid-Atlanic

A complex weather pattern will evolve over the mid atlantic states this week with a few factors will come into play. There will be a low pressure system moving out of the midwest that will move into VA tuesday. The low will move just south of DC and transfer its energy to a developing secondary low offshore. This low will rapidly deepen as it moves ENE. A powerful blocking high over Maine will keep this storm from affecting Northern New England. Models have been shifting north meaning light precip for Southern New England and a slightly warmer scenario for the DC region. We could see up to a foot or more west of DC.
Stay tuned!

Reliably hype-free weather info for Western Maine and New Hampshire from amateur forecaster Jack Sillin

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