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Christmas forecast and a look at the week ahead…

Christmas is finally almost here (3 days away!) and many of us are wondering if it will be a white christmas.

Today and Tomorrow will be cold and windy but no major problems across the northeast. The lake effect machine will be cranking today across typical areas. A few light flurries are possible across the north east today but any will be very light and will not cause any disruptions.

As we head into christmas eve, there couldĀ be some light rain/rain showers in the ohio valley but nothing major. When Santa arrives Monday night, he can expect light snow across southern New England.

There looks to be the potential for snow on Christmas day. However, activity will be light and will be focused across southern New England.

storm 3c

Snowfall map.

The disturbance creating this christmas snow will be weak by any standards and will skirt south of ME/NH. MA/RI/CT will see the most snow. Accumulations should be light and travel impacts will be low to none.

As we head into the middle of next week, there looks to be a stronger noreaster Wednesday night inot Thursday. Totals should be much higer with that storm yet it is too early to tell specific amounts.

storm 3d

Tracks of next week storms.

Cold air shoulf remain in control Thursday so it should be a predominantly snow event.


Stay tuned for more about the upcoming storms!


Thursday snow storm

Thursday will likely be our last chance at a very significant snowfall. A low will be moving out of the Great Lakes and will be nudged south by a fairly strong high in southern Quebec. This is a very cold high spilling cold air over the region so precipitation type will not be an issue with the exception of maybe Kittery where the warm air will be located. Confidence is still low so stay tuned for more updates.


Quick update

Snow has arrived and will remain entrenched through the night. Cyclogenisis has begun and 2-4″ per hour snowfall rates will be common inland ( 15 miles inland from the coast.) and 3″ per hour rates at the coast though inefficient accumulation will lead to lesser totals. Thunder will be likely at the peak intensification time ( 10pm-2am)

Snow amounts stay the same.