Clouds increase this afternoon ahead of next storm

Hello everyone!

Today will feature more cold temps and mainly clear skies with highs only rising into the 20’s and 30’s, much like yesterday, but thankfully sans wind. Some clouds may start to work their way into the region later this afternoon as our next weather maker arrives from the SW.

today 12-5

Our next storm system arrives tomorrow and will be a lot like the one we saw Wednesday. The main difference being that all indications are there will be a weak coastal front with onshore flow to the east and a cold northerly flow to the west. Where this coastal front sets up will be the rain/freezing precip line for this event. Most will see at least some freezing rain although the mountains again look like mostly snow.


2 thoughts on “Clouds increase this afternoon ahead of next storm”

    1. He shuold be fine. Boston looks all rain and some family flew into BOS at the height of the T-day storm no problems. Unless there is a drastic shift east, BOS stays all rain and he has no problems.

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