Freezing rain continues to impact the area this morning

Hello everyone!

Quick update this morning on the evolution of our current storm as well as a sneak peek at the Tuesday storm.

Current temps/winds indicate the coastal front that is determining precip type this morning is not moving much. In fact, south of Brunswick, it is moving east, away from the coast. Most of York county is at or above freezing so expect mainly rain from here on out for that region. Cumberland county is still below freezing except for Cape Elizabeth. With the current evolution of the coastal front, don’t expect this situation to change much today. Midcoast areas East and South of Bath and Whitefield are all rain and will stay that way with temps in the upper 30’s to low 40’s. Inland areas are 100% below freezing and look to stay that way even after precip wraps up.

By the time precip wraps up this afternoon, expect widespread ice amounts of .1-.3″ with the highest amounts showing up across Cumberland and Androscoggin counties. 3-6″ of all snow is expected for the mountains while .25″ of rain can be expected at the midcoast. With all the ice, power outages will be a concern but a minimal one since winds will be minimal.

Looking ahead to our next storm, it appears to be a long and strong one arriving Monday afternoon and possibly sticking around until Thursday. While there are lots of details that still have to be sorted out, I expect significant impacts of some sort for Tuesday especially.

Currently, mostly rain for the coast looks like a good bet but once you get into the mountains on the other side of the upper low, significant snows are possible. Any shift NW would send the snow line into Canada while any shift SE would bring the coast into play for frozen precip.

Wind looks to be the given for almost any scenario as the storm looks to be strong enough to generate a long period of high winds. Depending on the track, these could be out of the NE with snow and thus create power outage concerns or it could be out of the SE with rain, however such an onshore flow would create coastal flooding concerns. Still lots of details to be worked out and I will have a full, map intensive update tomorrow afternoon.


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