A Messy Saturday As We Once Again Track The Rain/Snow Line

Hello everyone!

Quick update this evening to bring you up to date on the latest info regarding our next storm system arriving tonight and hanging out through tomorrow afternoon. For the most part it will be a fast-mover with precip ending in the early afternoon but while it’s here, the mountains could pick up some decent snowfall for this time of year.

Click around on the map to view precip types and approximate changeover times for your local area.

Rain moves into the region in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow and will start as all rain but will quickly change to snow in the higher elevations before dawn. Snow levels will drop as the low intensifies in the Gulf Of Maine and pulls in cold air on the NW side. Expect everyone to see flakes in NH and ME by early afternoon with western MA likely seeing a few flurries as well. It will be a race against time as the cold air rushes SE to try to get to the coast before the precip departs and just who wins is still a bit up in the air.

In every storm there is bust potential and while forecast confidence is pretty high, the exact extent of the rain/snow line as the precip leaves is still an unknown. As of now, it looks like the Maine coast with the exception of a few of the peninsulas will see at least a few flakes with most of coastal MA and all of RI missing out on the white but don’t be surprised if the snow comes in a little earlier than expected and totals are a little higher. Models have tended to place lows to the NW of their actual positions so if this low ends up a little farther SE and a little colder, I wouldn’t be too surprised. With this in mind, while coastal areas don’t look to see any accumulations, a quick coating is possible should a colder solution occur.

A rumble of thunder is also likely across MA RI and CT and some small hail is possible in some of the stronger cells.

Winds will kick up tomorrow as the storm moves out and gusts over 35 mph are widespread so watch for some isolated power outages especially in areas where snow has accumulated on branches and power lines.

I’ll have another update in the morning as the rain/snow line sets up.


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