Rain And Snow Moving Out Today As Another Storm Departs

Hello everyone!

Today will feature morning rain and snow followed by snow continuing in the mountains while the coast remains mainly dry. Steady coastal precip is departing now and the remainder of coastal precip will be in shower form with isolated drops/flakes through the afternoon. The mountains however are a different story. Rain has already mainly changed to snow up at the higher elevations and everyone up there changes over this morning but instead of mid level dry air eating away at the precip, it will continue to snow up north through the afternoon before precip heads east.

HRRR Model Simulated Radar Animation. Credit: Weatherbell

Here is the HRRR model showing rain and snow gradually moving out through the day today before coming to a stop this evening.

Temps today will be dropping as colder air moves in  and as a result, the warmest temps of the day are likely being felt right now before a slow drop through the 40’s and into the 30’s by this evening.

No major weather systems are in sight though our next chance for precip looks to be early this coming week.


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