Cold Start Warm Finish

Hello everyone!

A semi tricky forecast this morning as warm air moves north bringing with it rain, eventually. The tough part involves just when that rain will arrive. It looks like most areas should expect raindrops by late evening in the 6-8PM range however don’t be surprised if a few sprinkles pop up here or there before that as warm air continues to climb up and over the very cold airmass in place.

This cold airmass will cede its control over to the warm air in most places south of the mountains but in the valleys, the cold air will remain in control and thus a period of freezing rain is likely tonight and the NWS put out a Freezing Rain Advisory for the mountains because of that.

Rain and freezing rain continue into tomorrow at which point the precip becomes more showery before a secondary low moves in and restarts precip in the form of snow. I hope to have an update up this evening on that but should school and sports get in the way of that, I’ll have more details tomorrow morning.


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