Rain To Snow North, Cool And Windy For Everyone Else

Hello everyone!

Today will feature rapid development of low pressure to our east. Usually this means we get some sort of large storm but that will remain in the far northern mountains where a few inches of snow is expected. The rest of the mountains are likely to see lesser accumulations in the 1-3″ range and a dusting is possible in the higher elevations of the northern foothills. Farther south, a few rain showers could stray to the coast from time to time but steady precip is unlikely. Temps will be falling beginning with temps currently in the mid to upper 30’s north and low 40’s south. The temps this morning will be pretty close to the high temps today as cold air moves in on NW winds which will be pretty busy with gusts over 25-30mph at times.

Snow departs tonight and leaves only moderately cold air as El-Nino continues to lock up truly arctic air thousands of miles to our north.

Looking ahead, we appear to have a solid week or more of cloud watching ahead. Enjoy, winter haters, but remember, cold and snow will rise again.


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