A Messy Storm Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature mainly awful weather conditions with a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain with a hint of normal rain along the immediate coast. Temps are already beginning to crash as winds are turning northerly and moving cold air in. Expect to change over to snow in the next couple hours even at the coast. Heavier bands are moving in from the ocean but I have questions as to how far they make it. I expect snow totals to come in on the lower side today for most especially inland. The trend overnight has been towards slightly less total precip. Not a complete forecast bust but don’t be surprised to see a tad less than expected. Freezing rain will be another threat along the coast as temps at the surface remain steadfastly below freezing while temps aloft still have a bit of cooling to do. We already have a solid glaze at the coast and as snow falls on top of a layer of ice on top of ice leftover from our last storm, expect extremely slippery roads and sidewalks. Temps will be falling  through the 20’s today as cold air moves in.


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