Cold And Windy Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature mainly sunny skies though winds will be blowing and temps will be dropping. Look for temps right around 20 at the coast and in the low to mid 10’s north. Winds could gust over 35mph thus bringing wind chills below zero for many. Here in Yarmouth we’ve picked up 9″ of fluff this weekend (5″ Saturday, 4″ yesterday) and by the looks of it most areas saw at least 6″ of fluff over the weekend as well. This snow will take to the skies today with all the wind and blowing/drifting snow could cause issues in terms of reduced visibility and possibly some slick spots as well if the snow happens to drift into the roads. Use caution if out and about today. In the mountains, a very favorable upslope pattern is setting up and 4-8″ of upslope snow is likely in the favored areas. Watch for that if you’re heading north.

You may’ve heard about a storm this weekend. As of now, monitor for details as they become available tonight and especially tomorrow but it looks like we just get a glancing blow as the storm slides south. Many solutions are still on the table so continue to monitor the forecast over the next few days.


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