A Messy Storm Tonight Into Tomorrow

Hello everyone!

Snow is moving into Southern New England this evening ahead of our next storm and snow will move NE into our area tonight. Snow mixes with and changes to freezing rain tomorrow morning before a lull tomorrow afternoon. The lull ends with heavy rain and wind Tuesday evening before we clear out and cool down Wednesday morning.

First Round: Frozen Medly

Evening Radar Showing The Setup For Tomorrow. Image Credit: Accuweather
Evening Radar Showing The Setup For Tomorrow. Image Credit: Accuweather

The general idea from Yesterday remains the same but with a few tweaks. Snow will move in from SW to NE this evening beginning around 7 in York County. Radar is indicating snow is falling across York County however with VERY dry air at the surface, I doubt this is making it to the ground. The ground is very cold and thus snow will accumulate quickly and efficiently once it starts falling.

2-15 graphic 2

Snow will fall throughout the night tonight and will accumulate to 1-3″ before warm air aloft begins to change snow to ice around or a little after midnight. Along the coast and across the coastal plain, this is all the snow you’ll get. For inland areas, another inch or two is likely bringing total snow to 2-4″. The mountains hold on to snow the longest with 3-6″ of accumulation. While the mid levels of the atmosphere get torched by a 50kt+ Low Level Jet, the air right near the surface will remain cold as cold dense air settles to the surface. For this reason, expect freezing rain to be the dominant precip type tomorrow morning with some sleet mixed in towards route 2. This will lead to a VERY slippery morning commute with roads a total mess due to several inches of snow under some sleet under a layer of freezing rain.

Second Round: Tropical Punch

2-15 graphic 3
18Z NAM Showing Very Strong Winds Aloft Tomorrow Evening. Image Credit: Accuweather

Freezing rain will continue through mid to late morning tomorrow before tapering to freezing rain showers as a dry slot briefly works in. During this time, the cold air will gradually be mixed out as southerly winds kick in. Precip will resume tomorrow evening as a cold front approaches. This round will be mainly rain except maybe for some isolated mountain valleys. Rain will be heavy at times and thunder is not out of the question as the cold front moves through. Winds will be gusty at this time as well with gusts over 40mph possible. Winds will be limited however by how much the cold air hangs on. The longer the cold hangs in, the more wind we see. Some power outages are possible during this time though significant impacts seem unlikely.

Rain moves out late tomorrow night with clearing and cooling expected Wednesday. More snow/rain is possible for Friday as a clipper system moves over the area.


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