A Taste Of Every Season Today

Hello everyone!

HRRR Giving An Idea Of What To Expect With Frozen Precip Tapering Off This Morning Then Heavy Rain Arriving This Afternoon. Credit: Weatherbell

Today will feature all four seasons as low pressure passes to our west. We’ll start with a slippery, wintry mess this morning as freezing rain and sleet fall on top of already fallen snow. Spring comes mid day as SE winds scour out the cold in place leading to warming temps. Some showers are possible in typical April fashion. Fast forward to July come evening as a line of heavy showers and thunderstorms approaches from the west. This line will mix down some of the 90kt+ winds a couple thousand feet above our heads leading to wind gusts along the coast of 50-60mph+. Winds gust through the night as fall arrives and temps gradually cool back to winter for tomorrow. I’ve covered each threat individually in my update last night so check there for the details. Do note however that my thinking for winds this afternoon has increased fairly significantly and power outages are likely with the ice still leftover from this morning combined with the strong winds will likely lead to downed trees/branches. This threat begins as winds start to crank mid afternoon and will wind down early tomorrow morning as the winds aloft move east. The greatest threat will be with the line of showers/thunderstorms this evening.



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