Cool With Lots Of Clouds Today

Hello everyone!

Hermine remains to our south this morning and is drifting west in the waters off Long Island. Moisture in the mid levels is streaming north on the eastern flank of the system which means lots of clouds for us. As the system continues to decay, I expect that at least a few of these clouds will begin to dry up so some peeks of sun are certainly possible especially this afternoon and especially in the mountains. Radar is showing batches of drizzle along the coast associated with a frontal boundary that is trying to shift winds from NE to SE. Whether or not this boundary actually makes it to the coast is uncertain but we will likely keep the threat for drizzle through this morning and into the early afternoon hours. The drizzle threat is greatest along the coast though a few sprinkles/showers are showing up in the foothills as well. Highs today will range through the 70’s today with the warmest temps in western areas where sun is most likely to show up this afternoon and evening.


One thought on “Cool With Lots Of Clouds Today”

  1. Hi Jack, we met a couple of weeks ago at Bistro to Go in upstate New York. Around here, a bit of drizzle would be much more of a welcomed possibility than a “threat!”

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