Rain And Snow Today

Hello everyone!

Depending on your location, mother nature will either be very festive or very humbugish today with her selection of weather. The mountains will be the lucky ones with snowflakes today as low pressure moves by to the north. A cold front trailing that system will bring liquid precipitation to coastal areas. The foothills will see a mix of both with those at slightly higher elevations most likely to see flakes. Snow will accumulate only very lightly with max amounts in the mountains between 1 and 2″. Coatings can be expected inland with nothing along the coast. Highs will range from freezing up in the mountains to around 40 at the coast.

Light rain and snow will move offshore this evening with clearing and cooling weather overnight. A clear and cold Christmas morning is in store for the entire area before more mixed precip (ice) moves in Monday.


3 thoughts on “Rain And Snow Today”

  1. Thank you, Jack, for your accurate forecasts and clear presentation of them. Have a very happy Christmas — and some super skiing! FE

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