Turning Stormier Today

Hello everyone!

Our long stretch of warm and dry weather is finally coming to an end. A strong cold front will approach our area today, with stormy conditions beginning to develop this afternoon out ahead of the front.

Expect showers to develop during the day today, especially along the SE facing mountain slopes where strong upsloping will help to wring out moisture. A line of strong to severe thunderstorms will move into western NH later on this evening with wind gusts that could cause some damage. Storms will be weakening as they move east into Maine, where stable marine air will be located. Even the weaker cells will produce torrential rainfall that is likely to amount to a couple of inches in a short period of time. While rivers are near record low levels due to recent dry conditions, small streams and poorly drained areas could very well flood for a brief time tonight.

Farther east, winds will be driven by the larger frontal circulation as opposed to individual thunderstorm cells. Winds sustained over 30 mph, gusting over 40 mph are expected along the coastline this evening as the front approaches. These winds, while not strong enough to cause widespread issues, are capable of scattered power outages.

Additional upper level energy dropping into the front will bring more rain, especially for the coast, tomorrow.


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