Rain Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Our quiet pattern is ending today as rain moves in from the west. A cold front is approaching, and this system will be the impetus for a pattern change. This pattern change will be a long-duration event, lasting at least through Christmas, and will feature much colder weather with the chance for snow.

Today though, we’ll be too warm for snow outside of the mountains where a few flakes can’t be ruled out. Look for temps to rise into the mid 30’s north and low 40’s south as strong SSE winds transport warm air into the area. As we head into the overnight hours, these winds will gust over 50 mph at times along the coast, especially the Midcoast NE of Portland. As a result, scattered power outages are expected, though this system won’t be anywhere near as bad as the one that hit just prior to Halloween.

Rain will develop over western areas early this afternoon as the front approaches. Dry air near the surface will help to slow the advance of the rain, and evaporational cooling due to the dry air will help the mountains start with a few snowflakes and ice pellets before warm air overwhelms the entire area. Rain should start in Maine mid afternoon, and by sunset the entire area should be seeing precipitation.


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