Weak Cold Front Brings Clouds And Mountain Flurries Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a mix of sun and clouds, with that balance shifting away from sunshine for many, especially in the mountains. A weak cold front will be passing through today, but will be lacking much forcing or moisture to cause widespread issues. That being said, mountain snow showers could result in briefly reduced visibilities midday. Most folks downwind of the mountains should stay dry, but a flurry or two can’t be ruled out. Temps will range from the low 20’s in the mountains to a few degrees above freezing near the coast.

This cold front will set the stage for our next snowstorm, which arrives tomorrow. The entire area will start with snowfall tomorrow morning as a clipper system approaches from the west. As the morning wears on, much of the coast, especially east of Brunswick, will warm above freezing resulting in rain. During the morning, a coastal secondary low will begin to develop. Where exactly this low tracks will be crucial in determining who stays snow and who changes to rain or mixed precipitation. Latest trends in model guidance point to a more westerly track of the low, which would be a warmer scenario for much of the coastal plain. However, cold air is notoriously stubborn in this area as we’ve seen countless times. It’s far too early for me to bet against the cold air’s staying power.

If you’re interested in a much more thorough analysis of the system, I styled last evening’s weather.us blog after the winter storm posts I did on here back in the day. It’s a deep dive into tomorrow’s system that explores some meteorological concepts along the way. Check it out!


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