Very Heavy Snow This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Our weather today will be split into two parts as dry conditions hold through the morning, and very heavy snow arrives this afternoon. Expect snow to develop from west to east around midday. Snow will be falling across NH by 11 AM and across ME by noon. It will become heavy not long after the first flakes fly, with snowfall rates reaching 2-3″ per hour by the 2-3 PM timeframe. The heavy snow will continue through the evening before tapering off from W to E between 9 and 10 PM. Precipitation types should remain all snow for most of the area, the exception being the NH seacoast, the coastline S of Portland, and the Midcoast peninsulas east of Brunswick. In these areas, look for a change to sleet/freezing rain/rain late in the afternoon as warm air attempts to surge north. 8-14″ of snow is expected for the all snow areas, with 4-8″ in the aforementioned coastal areas that will see mixing. High temps will range from 20 in the north to 35 along the parts of the coastline mentioned above.


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