Astoundingly Hot Today (For Some)

Hello everyone!

The forecast for today is a hot mess. Hot because temps could reach 70  in southern NH, and a mess because first of all under no circumstances should it be 70 in New England in February, and second of all we have some low level clouds and fog that could result in locally impeded warming. Satellite imagery shows scattered mid level clouds moving from west to east across the area this morning, with areas of stubborn low level cloudiness not really going anywhere. In areas that are able to break into the sunshine relatively soon this morning, temps will soar into the 60’s and possibly even low 70’s. For those that remain socked in the fog, which is dense in places, temps will be limited to the low 50’s. The most likely place for this will be the Midcoast, with southern NH standing the best chance at sunny skies. Higher elevations in the foothills and mountains are also more likely to break into the warmth over sheltered valleys which could stay quite cold due to very localized cold air damming. Today will start mostly dry, but a line of showers is possible this evening as a cold front moves through.


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