Snow, Sleet, And Rain Today

Hello everyone!

A storm system that brought flash flooding and tornadoes to parts of the Midwest yesterday is becoming our problem for today as it spreads precipitation into a cold airmass of varying depths. Snow is already overspreading the area from SW to NE this morning, and precipitation will continue through this evening. The trick will be figuring out in what form that precipitation will be hitting the ground. For the mountains, cold air will be deep enough to allow for a mostly snow event, with just a quick change to sleet near the end of precip this evening. In those areas (Whites plus areas N of rt 2) expect 3-6″ of snow, with some towns picking up as much as 8″. For inland areas, expect snow to continue through the early afternoon before changing to sleet. 2-4″ of snow/sleet are expected here. Along the coastal plain, look for snow to change to sleet a bit more quickly with 1-3″ expected. Along the immediate coast, east of rt. 1, look for an early burst of snow to change to rain as onshore flow brings warm air in at the surface. Just a coating is expected here.

Precip moves out from west to east this evening.


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