Cool And Cloudy Today As Storm System Moves By To Our South

Hello everyone!

We’re sitting on the far northern fringe of a developing Nor’easter this morning, and we’ll stay on the fringe of this system through the day tomorrow. The result will be cold and cloudy weather, as cold/dry air flows south out of Canada towards the storm. Highs today will sit within a few degrees of freezing across the area, and NNE breezes will pick up enough to things feel noticeably chilly. Overcast skies will further enhance the cold feeling┬átoday, though any snow from the storm will wait to move into extreme southeast parts of NH until this evening. Snow will try to nose farther northwest tonight as the storm develops, but given the very dry airmass in place in the low levels, I’m skeptical that it will make much if any progress in that direction. Due to the dry air, accumulations will be limited to areas east of the Turnpike, where 1-3″ is expected. The only exception to this map be areas near Rockland and far SE NH where 4 or 5″ could fall depending on if any heavier banding can drift onshore.