Beneficial Rains Today

Hello everyone!

It’s raining, hooray! After several long months with little moisture, the vegetation of Western Maine and New Hampshire is finally getting a drink this morning as a cold front siphons tropical moisture off a disturbance near North Carolina. That tropical disturbance poses no threat to us, or anyone, directly, but it is indirectly contributing to our rain today. Rain is ongoing this morning, and will continue to fall steadily for most areas through midday, tapering off later in northeastern areas. This afternoon, look for some breaks of sun in southwestern areas, which will result in warming temps and some developing weak instability. That instability will fuel pop up showers in Southern NH this evening, some of which could produce some thunder and gusty winds. Those storms will dissipate as they approach the Maine border around sunset.

Highs will be warmest, around 75, in the sunnier areas of SW NH, and coolest, around 60, in the cloudiest areas of NE ME.


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