One Last Heatless Day

Hello everyone!

Enjoy the weather we have in the forecast today, it’s not weather that we’ll be seeing again for a while as a powerful heat wave invades beginning this weekend. Skies are mostly sunny this morning, with some residual clouds in upslope areas NW of the mountains and along the Midcoast. We’ll see mostly sunny skies continue as some of those morning clouds burn off.

Aloft, some cooler air is filtering into the area, which will help generate instability this afternoon as surface temps warm. This instability will fuel some pop up showers this afternoon as a weak disturbance passes by aloft. Some of these showers will become thunderstorms early this evening as they move southeast towards the coast. No severe weather is expected, though the strongest cells could produce gusty winds and small hail in addition to downpours and lightning. Shower activity will wane around and after sunset as daytime heating is lost.

Highs today will range from around 70 in the north to 85 in southern NH.


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