Slightly Less Hot And Humid Today

Hello everyone!

Today’s weather will vary quite a bit across the region, with southern NH holding on to oppressive heat and humidity, while areas northeast of Augusta enjoy a much drier airmass. The one thing the entire region will have in common will be partly to mostly sunny skies, with the most sunshine found downwind of the mountains as weak NW flow sets up a weak upslope/downslope regime.

In the satellite loop linked above, you can see some clouds moving southeastward near Augusta. This is the boundary that will bring drier air to the northeastern half of the region today. It will eventually run out of steam, with southwestern areas remaining very muggy.

Highs today will be split along the typical upslope/downslope lines where the coastal plain sees highs in the mid 80’s (SW NH a bit warmer) and the mountains remains cooler in the mid 70’s.

Dry conditions are expected across the area today in the absence of moisture extending past the low levels.


2 thoughts on “Slightly Less Hot And Humid Today”

  1. Hi Jack! How’s life at Cornell? Just wondering if you might have a forecast for the Finger Lakes area today? We’re here in Niles right beside Owasco Lake for the week Thank you, Anne Knowles

    1. Hi Anne, life at Cornell is great! Today in the finger lakes will feature increasing sun, warm temps in the low to mid 80’s, and continuing mugginess though not as bad as yesterday. Enjoy!

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