A Beautiful Early Fall Day Today

Hello everyone!

After what’s seemed like an endless stretch of miserable heat and humidity, we have in the forecast today some weather that’s just plain awesome. Dry conditions are expected through the day as Canadian high pressure builds in from the northwest. Southern and southwestern areas will see overcast skies as some warm air tries to start moving back in aloft, but northern and northeastern areas will see full sunshine. High temps will be refreshing, ranging from 60 in the mountains to 70 along the coastal plain. The cherry on top of today’s forecast can be found in the dew point forecast, which ranges from 32 in central areas to 50 in far southern NH.

Enjoy this, we’ve earned it!

As a quick side note, you’ll likely be hearing more and more about a tropical system named Florence out in the open Atlantic in the coming days. The storm is headed for the East Coast, but if the center does end up making it onshore, it would be well to our south. If you have friends/family along the Southeast US coast, make sure they’re tuned into the latest forecast updates, and have their hurricane plan ready. I’ve already told my family in North Carolina that this weekend is the time to stock up on supplies, and prepare for possible hurricane impacts.

For important decision making, always consult official NHC forecasts. If you’re merely curious about some of the processes going on “under the hood”, feel free to check out my weather.us blogs about the system. I’ll be writing another update today with the latest details.


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