Another Seasonably Calm Fall Day Today

Hello everyone!

Canadian high pressure is once again in control of our weather today, with generally quiet conditions expected to continue. Skies are mainly sunny across most of the region this morning, but satellite imagery shows some clouds moving in from the west. Neither sun nor cloud will be able to take full control today, so we’ll be left with a mix of both. A slight westerly component to our winds will mean that upslope areas in the mountains will be more likely to see clouds, with downslope areas near the coast more likely to see sun. Highs will range from around 50 in the mountains to around 65 in the south. A brief shower is possible in the mountains later on today, but the vast majority of the area will be dry through the day today.


2 thoughts on “Another Seasonably Calm Fall Day Today”

  1. Hi Jack, hope University is going well.
    It seems like I am getting weather posts one day late? Your incoming email (today) is dated 4:16 am Sept 30.
    Today Oct 1. Forcast seems 1 day off?

    1. Hi, that’s strange. Is the forecast current to today (in which case there’s just a problem with your email date function) or is it both yesterday’s date and yesterday’s forecast?

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