Arctic Front To Bring Snow Squalls Today

Hello everyone!

Today (Wednesday) will feature the arrival of our first Arctic airmass of the 2018-2019 winter season! Snow squalls will act as the vanguard for the incoming chill, bringing low visibility, slick roads, and a quick coating-1″ of snow. Not everyone will see a squall, but more will than won’t based on the latest data. The timing for squalls will be early/mid afternoon in the mountains and late afternoon/early evening closer to the coast. Gusty NW winds are expected behind the front with quickly falling temps. Therefore, high temps will occur on the earlier side, ranging from a little above 20 in the north to a little above 30 in the south.


2 thoughts on “Arctic Front To Bring Snow Squalls Today”

  1. I know it’s early and this is meant to be a daily synopsis but I’m sure you’re thinking about Sunday’s storm. Most forecasts seem to pushing warmth. I just can’t see it with the blocking. The storm has to be forced south which will lock in cold air and eventually should pull whatever cold air there is to our north down in to most if not all of Maine. Curious if you’re willing to express your thoughts on it this early. I know that the cold pattern has to ease at some point but that blocking sure doesn’t promote a storm to the west and open the floodgates to a warm southerly flow.

    1. My early thought is temps do moderate a bit as arctic high shifts SE. Ultimately these deep arctic swipes end up usually being transient as the high doesn’t lock in north but instead reverts offshore. That said, I don’t think it’ll be 60 haha. My guess now would be light mixed precip from that storm Sunday. It’s falling apart as it approaches but the return flow behind the high should bring most of us back near/above freezing by Sunday

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