A Taste Of Arctic Air Today

Hello everyone, and happy thanksgiving!

Today will feature our first taste of true arctic air as strong high pressure descends towards the region from northern Canada. Expect high temps ranging from around 5 above in the north to 15-20 along the coast. NW winds gusting 30-40mph will bring wind chills into subzero territory for all but the immediate shorelines. Mountain snow flurries will continue in upslope flow while the rest of the region sees downsloping sunshine.

Interestingly, since records began in Portland in the late 1800’s, no November day has ever failed to reach 20 degrees, which means today’s airmass is one of a select few that we can truly deem “historic” without exaggeration. Record low-high temps (“mini-max’s” according to NWS lingo) are forecast through much of New England today, so it’s not just a local fluke here at the Jetport. Chances are you’d have to go back to around or perhaps even before the Civil War era to find an airmass in New England as cold as this one in November. Pretty neat stuff!

All that to say, bundle up if you’re headed outside, and enjoy a lovely (hot!) turkey dinner!


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