Major Winter Storm Continues Today

Hello everyone!

The major winter storm that moved into the area last night will continue today as low pressure moves from Boston towards Portland. The impacts from this storm will vary considerably over short distances. Here’s a quick look region by region.

At the coast (east of the Turnpike), temps are now above freezing with rain falling. In these areas, concerns today will include localized street flooding from heavy rainfall, strong ENE winds (especially along the Midcoast), and coastal flooding (especially south of Portland). High temps will range from the mid 30’s near I-95 to the mid 40’s near Camden.

Inland, snow is falling this morning with some areas reporting mixed precipitation types, mostly sleet. Several inches of snow are already on the ground, with several more on the way for those closer to the mountains. Accumulation gradients will be extremely tight with this system near the Sebago Lake-Lewiston area. Concerns here will include slick roads, and power outages from heavy wet snow weighing down trees and power lines.

In this mountains, this one’s all snow. Over a foot is expected in the higher terrain and the consistency will be much drier/fluffier than the foothills. Wax up your powder skis, and get out there! Be careful if driving around, as snow covered roads will remain a problem through most of the week as snow continues to fall.


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