Cold Front Brings Drier Weather For All, Warmer Weather For Some

Hello everyone!

A cold front is working its way south through the area this morning as yesterday’s storm system moves off into the Canadian Maritimes. While this front will bring cooler and drier weather to the whole area tomorrow, its impacts will be more location-specific today.

The mountains will see a drop in temps, with any remaining above-freezing areas dropping below 32 in the next few hours. Upsloping will produce plenty of clouds along with a few snow showers in the favored areas. Temps will be falling through the 20’s by this evening.

The foothills will actually see temps *rise* as the front pushes through. Why? Yesterday’s cold air damming is still here, meaning a very shallow layer of cold air exists below much warmer air just aloft. When the front arrives, its turbulence will mix that warmer air down much faster than the new cold air can be moved into the area. As a result, any remaining below-freezing areas will see temps spike into the mid/upper 30’s for a few hours this afternoon under partly sunny skies.

The coastline will see a few showers early this morning as the front moves through, followed by drier conditions and sunnier skies. Temps will warm up nicely in a downsloping regime into the low to mid 40.

Our next storm arrives New Year’s Eve with snow in the mountains, a mix in the foothills, and rain along the coast.