Breezy Conditions Usher In More Sunshine Today

Hello everyone!

There are lots of clouds out there this morning, especially in the mountains where snow showers are showing up on radar. Thankfully, the storm system responsible for these clouds will be moving off to the northeast today, and strong NW breezes will be the main contributor to today’s weather. Expect NW gusts generally in the 40-45 mph range today, with higher values as you go up in elevation in the mountains.

The NW flow will set up our favorite upslope/downslope pattern, so as soon as the large scale clouds from the low itself clear out in the next few hours, it’s looking sunnier for the coast and foothills. The mountains will keep the clouds and non-accumulating flurries through the rest of the day. Highs will range from 35 in the mountains to 55 in Southern NH.


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