More Wet Weather Today

Hello everyone!

We’re back to the wet weather today as a storm system develops to our west. Waves of steady rain are already moving into the area from the southwest, and will continue to do so through the rest of the day. Rain will start off light, but become heavier by the time we get into the afternoon/evening. After sunset, we could be looking at some embedded thunderstorms along with the downpours. Aside from being unpleasant, the only real negative impact this rain will have is on the river flooding situation up in the mountains/foothills. Many rivers are already at flood stage, and another 1-2″ of rain along with continued snowmelt will certainly cause some more problems.

Temps today will be kept down by clouds, rain, cold air damming, and onshore flow from the cold Gulf of Maine. As a result, high temps will sit right about where they are this morning, generally in the mid 40’s with some upper 40’s in southern NH and some upper 30’s in the far north.

Rain finally clears from west to east very early tomorrow morning.


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