Becoming Drier Today

Hello everyone!

Today is starting off with heavy rain across the entire region as deep tropical moisture surges northward. The axis of heavy rain will slowly shift off to the east today, leading to conditions becoming gradually drier as we head towards the afternoon. If you’re located along the coast, you’re pretty much done with the steady/heavy rain. If you’re in the foothills, steady rain will last until the mid/late morning hours before tapering off. If you’re in the mountains, steady precip will continue into the afternoon, changing slowly from rain to snow at the higher elevations.

Temps today will peak in most areas during the morning hours, but shouldn’t fall that much before sunset. The coast will spend most of the day around 50, while points farther NW hover around 40. Skies will remain predominantly overcast across the region today, with the best chance of briefly brighter skies to be found along the coast.


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