Steady Rain Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the arrival of yet another cold front as low pressure tracks well to our north through Quebec. This front will be tapping into some moisture from the deep tropics, which means it will be able to provide a steadier and heavier rainfall event compared to what we’ve seen recently.

Radar imagery shows showers now entering the mountains, with the bulk of the rain still back across New York. It will take a while for the rain to arrive today, and the coast actually may stay mostly dry until this evening. I think the high resolution model guidance has a pretty good handle on when the rain will arrive, so I’ve included a loop below that runs from 10 AM to 10 PM showing the slow SE push of rain throughout the day.

Along with the rain, expect overcast skies today as a result of the cold front. The exception may be some brief periods of sunshine near the NH/MA border this morning. Those brief sunny breaks will help push temps up towards 70 in that part of the area, while most of the rest of us will top out within a few degrees of 60. Cooler temps, between 50 and 55, are expected in the mountains.

Skies will clear tomorrow as the front shifts offshore.


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