Steady Rain Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the arrival of steady rain as our next storm system moves well to the west of the area. Rain will arrive from the southwest during the midday hours, reaching SW NH around 10, Portland around noon, and the Augusta area by 2 PM. Rain will generally be steady and of a light to moderate intensity, though some heavier pockets can’t be ruled out. Steady rain will continue into the evening before we dry out a bit early tomorrow morning.

It’s always wise to be skeptical of warm air’s capability to advance into Maine/NH, especially this time of year. However, we’re lacking a classic “cold air damming” situation with northerly or northeasterly winds and a strong area of high pressure in Quebec. As a result, while pockets of freezing rain are likely in the foothills and mountains especially earlier in the day today, everyone should see a changeover to plain old rain by the middle of the afternoon. High temps will range from 35 in the mountains to 50 along the coast, with the warmest air arriving in the evening.