Very Warm Today

Hello everyone!

Southwesterly flow will carry additional warm air into the region today as our next storm system begins approaching from the southwest. Some light drizzle and fog on the leading edge of that warm air has been observed across the region this morning, and with temperatures away from the coast below freezing, some of that drizzle is freezing on contact with the ground. The result will be some slick travel on secondary roads for the morning commute.

As we move into the midday hours, expect clouds to thin out and a few breaks of sun to develop. The sunshine combined with continued southwesterly flow will push temps well above normal. Expect highs ranging from around 40 in the northern mountains to around 65 in southern NH. A sea breeze will develop this afternoon and keep temps along the midcoast in the upper 40’s/low 50’s but otherwise most of the area south of the mountains has a good shot at 60. Welcome to April I guess.

Clouds thicken back up this evening as our next system approaches from the southwest. Rain will move into SW NH by 7 PM before moving northeast through the rest of the region during the late evening hours. All but the far northern mountains will see rain from this system thanks to today’s outrageously warm temps.


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