Cool and Clear Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature beautiful early spring weather across the region as a strong area of Canadian high pressure drifts across Northern New England. Expect clear skies area-wide except perhaps for a few cirrus across southwestern NH this evening. Because this airmass has arrived from Canada, temps today will be on the cooler side of what we’d expect this time of year. Highs will range from 25 in the north to 40 in southern NH. Today will be a great day to head outside and enjoy some much-needed fresh air. Remember that going outside for a walk/hike is a perfectly acceptable social distancing activity so long as you keep your distance (>6ft) from others.


2 thoughts on “Cool and Clear Today”

  1. On Friday night here in Harpswell, the temperature went from 46 at 10:58, to 57 for about 25 minutes starting at 11:38, then back down to 47 by 1:53am!

    1. Thanks for the report Doug! I bet that was due to mixing behind the cold front. Ahead of the front, we had very warm air on top of much cooler air. When the front arrived, it’s turbulence mixed some of that warm air to the surface resulting in a brief temp spike before cooler Canadian air arrived on NW breezes

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