A Bit Milder and a Bit Brighter Today

Hello everyone!

The strong ocean storm that has been impacting the area for several days now is finally drifting southeast towards Bermuda this morning. As it races into the Central Atlantic, its grip on the region will loosen but we’ll still be stuck with its footprint for another day. Satellite imagery shows plenty of cloud cover still in place across the region this morning with the exception being a swath of NH SW of the Whites (likely due to downsloping NE winds). Clouds will slowly thin today, but don’t expect bluebird skies unless you’re just downwind of a mountain ridge. Winds will still be breezy out of the north/northeast, but will generally be calmer than yesterday. Precipitation should be all but done though a few patches of drizzle are being observed via radar near Augusta. These should dry up shortly. All in all, today won’t be spectacular weather-wise, but it will be a lot better than the past couple days. High temps will be a bit warmer too, ranging from 40 in the north to 45 right along the coast to 50 for most inland areas to 55 in far SW NH.


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