Chilly and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the slow departure of yesterday’s storm which means cool temps and unsettled weather for most of the region. One last heavy snow band is still pivoting East of Augusta, but even that should taper off over the next few hours. The main weather event today will be the development of low-topped squalls along a boundary pivoting around the western side of the low. These will initially pop up along a line from Waterville to Rangely in the late morning hours and will drop heavy snow as they begin to move southeast. As the squalls move towards the coast, they’ll run into warmer air near the surface. That means they’ll transition from snow squalls to rain squalls. It also means that they’ll have access to more energy. As a result, expect some rumbles of thunder and a precipitation type mix including graupel and small hail in addition to rain.

Behind these squalls, expect winds to rapidly pick up from the northwest. Most spots will likely see gusts top out around 40-45 mph. That’s definitely enough to cause continued power outages especially where trees remain snow-loaded.

High temps today will be chilly as the fresh snow limits how much the sun can warm the air and colder air pours into the region from the northwest. Look for highs ranging from 30 in the mountains to 50 along the NH coast. Most of the coastal plain should end up right around 40-45.

Calmer weather returns for the weekend before our next storm brings heavy rain to the region Monday.


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