Still Hot But Less Humid Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature continued warm weather and a welcome reprieve from the recent extreme humidity. Satellite imagery shows mostly clear skies across the region this morning with a few cirrus lurking back to our west/southwest. These high clouds will drift overhead from time to time today, especially in southern regions, but they won’t block much sunlight so most of us will probably think of today as “mostly sunny”.

That sunshine will work together with warm air aloft and a pinch of downsloping (remnant NW breeze this morning) to produce another day of hot temps. Most of the region will top out within a few degrees of 90. Low/mid 80s will be found right along the immediate coastline and farther north in the mountains. Dew points will take a welcome dive into the low/mid 50s (!) for all but the immediate shoreline this afternoon.

With such dry air, we don’t need to worry about any showers or thunderstorms today.