Strong Cold Front Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Any day I can talk about a strong cold front in late summer/early fall is a good day. We have a powerful front on the way today and as a result, we can finally take another step towards the crisp mornings and mild afternoons of autumn. Before we can enjoy that delightful airmass though, we’ll need to deal with a bit of drizzle/fog this morning and some showers/storms midday.

Those showers and storms are already approaching northwestern parts of the area as I write this a little before 5 AM. Today’s front will move through on the earlier side so shower and storm activity will be earlier in the day than we’ve seen recently. Expect storms early/mid- morning in the mountains, mid/late-morning in the foothills, and late-morning/early afternoon right along the coast. The intensity and coverage of these storms will depend on how much daytime heating we get before the front arrives. Satellite imagery suggests this may not be much. Low clouds and fog are noted NE of Portland and cirrus from storms in New York is racing into the rest of the area. That said, even an hour or two of sunshine this morning will go a long way towards producing an environment favorable for strong thunderstorms. The biggest threats will be strong winds (could be more intense than usual), small hail, lightning, and heavy rain.

Storms depart early this afternoon and in their wake we’ll be left with breezy NW winds, clearing skies downwind of the mountains, and upslope clouds/showers in the mountains. Most importantly of all, the dew point will sink like a stone once those northwesterly winds kick in.

Pure joy in a single GIF

High temps today will be reached earlier in the day than most of us are used to, and will range from the low 70s up north to the low 90s in southern NH.