Cool and Blustery Today

Hello everyone!

Low pressure is rapidly intensifying over New Brunswick this morning which means that parts of eastern Maine are seeing heavy snow while our area remains on the fringes. As winds pick up out of the northwest, snow showers will be focused in the mountains where upsloping will help squeeze low-level moisture out of the air in the form of snowflakes. Because northwesterly winds are so brisk, don’t be surprised to see a few of those snow showers wander towards the foothills or even the coastal plain. Outside the mountains, no accumulation is expected.

The bigger story today will be the strong winds which will gust over 40 mph at times. This will result in some scattered power outages during the midday/afternoon hours. Winds will be strongest in the foothills and along the coast as well as in exposed higher-elevation spots.

High temps today will be very close to whatever you’re at right now. Because cold air will be pouring into the region from the west/northwest today, not much diurnal heating is expected. By this evening, all but southernmost coastal areas will be below-freezing.

Skies today will be mostly cloudy in the mountains while sunshine develops closer to the coast especially this afternoon.