Cool and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the development of weak low pressure east of Cape Cod which means northeasterly breezes and light rain for us. Temps will be considerably cooler than yesterday as the airmass overhead is now being sourced from Canada. High temps will range from the mid 30s up north to the mid/upper 40s along the southern coast.

We’ll start out mostly dry this morning but as the loop above shows, light precipitation will develop as we move into the late morning/early afternoon. For all except the northern mountains, this will fall entirely as rain. Snow will fall up north and might be able to accumulate an inch or two by tomorrow morning.

Skies will start cloudy in the southern half of the region while northern areas catch a few glimpses of early morning light before overcast arrives in a couple hours. The whole area will then be overcast for the rest of the day.