Milder and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

The weak storm system that brought snow to the region last night is in no hurry to depart the area this morning. As a result, we’ll be left with ENE winds, a maritime airmass, overcast skies, and light snow. As the morning goes on, snow should become lighter and spottier so additional accumulations seem unlikely to exceed a half inch to an inch. The ENE winds on the north side of this system will keep low-level moisture high today, so expect periods of mist/drizzle/light snow/light rain depending on exactly how much lift the atmosphere can generate at any given time and what your temperature is. Speaking of temps, they’ll be on the milder side today thanks to the marine influence of partially-onshore flow. Look for highs in the upper 20s north to upper 30s in SE NH. With some melting this afternoon along the coast followed by subfreezing temps tonight, watch for patchy black ice if you’re headed out and about after sunset this evening or tomorrow morning.


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