Unsettled and Cooler Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cooler temps and continued unsettled weather as yesterday’s weak storm system continues to linger in the Gulf of Maine. Radar imagery this morning suggests that snow is focused mostly along and near the coastline with some precip extending back west into the foothills. Precip may fall as a mix of snow and freezing drizzle depending on exactly how much energy the atmosphere can devote to making snowflakes at any given place at any given time.

Additional accumulations today should be on the light side, but may add up to an inch or so in the most favored spots between Portland, Lewiston, Augusta, and Bath.

Even for those who see little to no snow today, the influence of this disturbance will be felt in the form of persistent cloud cover. Later this afternoon, Arctic air will begin to pour in from the NW on increasingly strong breezes. At that point, downsloping might just be enough to clear out some sunny spots along the coastal plain.

High temps will occur relatively early in the day and will range from the low 20s up in the mountains to the low 30s along the coast.

Much colder air will move in overnight and will set the stage for a quick but potent snow event tomorrow along the coast.


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