Rain and Snow Clear Out Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the gradual departure of rain and snow from the storm system currently moving through the Gulf of Maine. As the system moves off to the northeast, cooler air will filter in from Quebec and lead to raindrops changing over to snowflakes up in the mountains. Outside of an inch or two on the higher summits, no accumulation is expected. Rain will taper off to showers midday as drier air starts to move in from the west, but it’ll take a while to fully clear the region of low-level moisture, so don’t expect much in the way of sunshine until possibly later this evening. With rich low-level moisture and north-northwesterly winds, expect robust upslope snow showers to continue through the afternoon in the mountains.

High temps today will be reached during the morning, and will range from the mid 30s up north to around 50 along the coast. Temps will stay more or less steady for most of the day before dropping this afternoon as NW winds carry cooler air into the region and thick clouds temper the influence of the strong April sun.


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